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Are you going to The Hunger Games or rather Taxi 3?

Your TV show tonight is very selective. On the other hand, you can (re)discover Taxi 3 in Club RTL. The famous comedy of Gérard Krawczyk has become a classic in its genre. Summary: Christmas is approaching, and there is a sense of tension, along with general dissatisfaction, in both the police station and his companion Daniel and Lily. As for Emilian, who has already proven himself, he is trying to unmask a gang of thugs, and this is not easy … Find the Marseille brigade and its “public alerts” for a moment of relaxation and laughter, this evening, at 20:00

If you’d rather dive back into the Hunger Games, Part 1 of Part 3 of the saga will air tonight on Plug RTL: Hunger Games: The Revolt, Part 1. After the arena and bloody games are destroyed, Katniss is gathered by Area 13 rebels and Plutarch Heavenby, who They want to make it a symbol of the revolution under the name “Mockingbird”. Peta has been kidnapped by President Snow, and he is determined to make him the flag bearer of the Capitol… Spend the evening with Jennifer Lawrence from 8:10 PM.

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