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Logan Paul embeds 15 Game Boy Colors in an epoxy table

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The internet-famous Logan Paul has caused controversy among gamers with his new DIY project. Table top created by embedding 15 Game Boy Color in epoxy resin.

(Featured image credit: Twitter Logan Paul)

Over the years, Nintendo has given us its share of portable consoles, each more fun than the other. But Game Boy Color remains for many an inexhaustible source of nostalgia, which, as the name suggests, brought color to the pre-Game Boy monochrome screen for the first time.

Logan Paul, who is known for his content on Youtube and other entertainment platforms, recently managed to grab 15 of these classic gems. Of course, with millions of fans following him, what he did with his consoles did not go unnoticed.

Unique project

In a tweet posted on December 26, Logan shared a video capturing the process of his latest (do it yourself) project. This project consists of using epoxy resin to make a tray of 15 Game Boy Color systems.

He first coated the consoles with epoxy, then put them into a mold in three rows of five, and finally filled the rest of the mold with resin. To finalize everything when dry, he added a metal Pokemon frame. The end result is a table top with an original and unique look.

mixed reception

Unfortunately for Logan Paul, many netizens were sad to see 15 consoles destroyed to create this art. While some state that the consoles may have already been broken, others point to the fantastic condition of these units suggesting otherwise. At least, many would agree that it was possible to display the consoles in such a way as not to damage them.

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Despite this wave of negative comments, some netizens have taken to his defense. According to them, Logan Paul has the right to do whatever he wants with his property since he bought it. In addition, some just find the design cool and praise the star for its creativity.

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