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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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I really love Brendan Gallagher. A proud and determined warrior, the Canadian emblem on his shirt has always been more important than his name on the back.

With Shea Weber gone, runner-up Gallagher is ideally suited to become the next captain.

CH Bootcamp brings in its share of questions. But it seems that when Gallagher jumped on the ice for the first time this week, several questions were missing. As if his mere presence helped reassure supporters and observers. I am one of them. There is clearly a Gallagher effect.

Mark Bergiveen was hit hard a year ago when he announced a six-season contract extension for the young striker from western Canada. The general manager never wants to overpay a player. He usually sails to avoid having to pay for services already well rendered. Bergevin excels in this game, the Canadian coach broke his golden rules in the Gallagher case.

It was Bergévin who awarded a six-year, $22.5 million deal to Gallagher in November 2014. An extraordinary event for the organization since No. 11 had scored an average of 28 goals per part of the 82 games along that agreement. 31 and 33 goals from 2017 to 2019. All this while continuing to throw himself in front of the best opponent balls. All this while continuing to go blue from the enemy guards to get them out of their bubble. All this while searching for his Ventolin pump every time he returns to the players’ bench. Every time he shows his teeth with the prettiest smile.

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special man

“Gali… he’s special…” Bergevin said in essence a year ago. He was right. To the point of covering it with gold as he did? I am much less confident. What is the exchange value of the leader? Nobody really knows. Leadership is not a statistic, it is profound. In this sense, the alleged successor to Shea Weber is worth its weight.

Indeed, according to all logic, you should develop on the right in the third trio of Dominique Ducharme. He’s 29, still 5 feet 9 inches tall, and has a medical history worthy of a PhD thesis project, but above all, in the first of six seasons of a new decade earning him 6.5 million a year.

a distraction?

Is Gallagher becoming a distraction? I doubt. It doesn’t seem to get any warmth from this soft wood. Will his spirits be solid enough to allow him to maintain an ideal attitude?

That’s what we hope, because only a happy and resolute Gallagher will be able to fulfill his leadership commitments.

Ducharme has a few weeks to find his match and above all to find the right words.

It is his words that will avert evil. These are the words that will prevent the Gallagher warrior from feeling lost in space.

coup from heart

To Kayden Guhle. Good footwork, excellent first pass. Nice physique he puts it to good use. accurate shot. Good stick. And above all, what a hockey head. Guhle’s understanding of the game is impressive. His maturity at the age of nineteen is astonishing. It makes taking information with decision making has definite value for CH. Not right away though…

Shot Mouth

To Ryan Boehling. It’s early days but the current camp is still crucial for him. The Canadiens’ first pick in 2017, was their elusive spring 2019 debut in a no-nonsense game. Ducharme did not confirm more or less the case of 4NS Poehling Center at the beginning of the training camp. Nothing is less certain now…

Little 2 in…

A duel between the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl. At the same time, a lot of football remained to play. However, neither team appears to want the floor at the American convention. At the Nationale, the Rams’ dominance over Brady and Bucks last Sunday set the tone. I’ll get back to you… or not.

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