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Planning to install Windows 11 on Tuesday when it’s released?

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While Windows 11 is slated for release on October 5, are you planning to install it from launch, wait, or just ignore the updates?

Windows 11 will be released on Tuesday, October 5th

Windows 11 will be released on Tuesday, October 5th. // Source: Frandroid

Next week will not be a week like any other for users Windows computer. Once every three to five years, next Tuesday it Microsoft The next major update for PC operating system will be released, Windows 11.

This update promises to bring an all-new graphical interface, called Fluent Design, to bring the same fresh air to interface elements, as well as the taskbar that is now centered by default. The Start menu like some Microsoft programs – Paint, Photos, or Notepad – also has the right to do a little facelift. And while we talk about software, Windows 11 will also see the contribution of many apps on the Microsoft Store. In addition to adding Android apps through the Amazon App Store, we can also Look for the classic Win32 software Like VLC, Discord, LibreOffice, Opera or Zoom.

Be warned, however, that if Windows 11 is scheduled to be officially released on Tuesday, October 5, not all users will stay on the same old version. First, the update is already being offered as a release version to users who are registered with the Microsoft Insider Program. Then, unless you manually run the update, it may not be offered to you for several weeks by the update center. Finally, some users are equipped with a computer Do not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11, he will simply not be able to take advantage of the update.

Will you install Windows 11 as soon as it is released?

A few days before the release of Windows 11, we wanted to ask you questions. Planning to install this Tuesday Windows Update on your PC?


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Microsoft is preparing a new version of Windows. What’s new, interface, installation, that’s all you need to know about Windows 11.
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