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Responsibility of aluminum salts in the treatment of breast cancer

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  • Aluminum salts alter the genome, which may have an effect on breast cells.
  • By consuming products that contain aluminum salts, there is a greater risk of developing breast cancer.

Aluminum salts are indeed carcinogenic … This is the conclusion reached by A A new study published in the journal Journal of Molecular Sciences. According to the researchers, these components will cause significant changes in the physical structure of chromosomes as well as in their number, only 24 hours after applying a product containing aluminum salts. In addition, these will also be accused of destabilizing the genome – all An individual’s chromosomes and genes – which may be dangerous to breast cells: are more likely to become malignant. This would make a person more likely to develop breast cancer.

Breast cancer: more common in women

Each year, approximately 60,000 cases of breast cancer are detected. It is the most common type of cancer in females. But the earlier it is detected, the higher the chances of a cure. According to the health insurance website, There is a 99% 5-year survival rate for breast cancer detected at an early stage compared to only 26% when diagnosed at a late stage. This disease usually develops in the outer parts of the mammary gland, near the armpit. Here, the skin is very thin and permeable. And in this particular area, women apply deodorant, which may contain aluminum salts. That is why researchers have been working for several years to link aluminum salts with breast cancer.

Aluminum salts are comparable to tobacco and asbestos

To reach their results, the scientists analyzed the mechanisms of action of aluminum salts in the transformation of cells. Thus they analyzed more than 300 cells. According to their findings, aluminum salts have a negative effect on the human mammary gland and genome. Patients who consume it, often without knowing it via So deodorants or sunscreens are more likely to develop breast cancer. What is more, The authors believe that the carcinogenic nature of products containing aluminum salts is comparable to the risks associated with tobacco or asbestos.

Multiple risk factors for breast cancer

Like many diseases, there are many risk factors for breast cancer. The main ones are age and gender: 80% of patients are over 50 years old and 99% are women. A first-degree family history, ie a mother, daughter or sister, also increases the risk of developing this condition. Finally, the cleanliness of life will also be called into question. Risk factors can be overweight and obesity, consumption of alcohol or tobacco, lack of physical activity and an unbalanced diet. According to the health insurance, 8,700 cases of breast cancer were attributed to alcohol consumption in 2018. So, changing your lifestyle can reduce your risk of suffering from this condition. Aluminum salt-free deodorants.

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