Major computer data theft in MAGE-UQAC

According to legal documents consulted by Radio Canada, the stolen information was illegally downloaded between January and April. However, the organization was not aware of the hack until the end of July.

More than 2,500 computer files were stolen, for a total of 35 intrusions.

Among the hacked data, we find in particular the complete files of all MAGE-UQAC employees, information about membership fees and banking information related to the association.

judicial request

MAGE-UQAC was able to conclude that the illegal downloads were made from two separate IP addresses. However, the organization had to appeal to the courts to compel the ISP to reveal the identity of the individual or individuals behind these addresses. The court agreed to the request.

It turned out that the hacker was a former employee of the organization and still had access to the system.

MAGE-UQAC officials declined interview requests made by Radio Canada, but responded by email. In the letter signed by the general manager Fabien Poirier, we can read that a specialized company is analyzing the situation. Mr. Poirier adds that some breaches in the security of the association’s computer network have already been noted.

In addition, the general manager determines A friendly agreement has been signed between the two parties to recover the relevant files. This Agreement relates to the Organization and its former employee.

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