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5G Networks: How Will It Change the Gaming Industry

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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To start, we need to say what 5G is. 5G technology is the 5th generation of mobile networks. After previous G networks, this is a new global wireless standard designed to connect all devices, objects, and machines with wireless connections.


Benefits of 5G

5G enables the new and improved user experience, new deployment models, and new technology services. High speed and reliability will have an impact on every industry on the market. Transportation and logistics will be safer and more accurate because of digitalization, healthcare will get new ways to work, and agriculture will expand to intelligent technology in the higher percentage. 5G will enhance mobile broadband, and smartphones will be better and faster.


VR and AR Experience

The average consumer uses up to 11 GB of data per month. Video traffic is increasing, and mobiles are the primary source of information and entertainment. If you use the internet for gaming, let’s put it this way: 5G is super fast. For the previous download estimated time on 4G for one game on 5G, you will download ten games in the same period! 5G will significantly improve video streaming and online gaming quality. 5G will improve AR to another level. If you would like to ”go to another world” while gaming improved, AR will make it possible.


Statistics showed that 48% of consumers would use AR in the next five years with media types like gaming. 5G will improve the overall gaming user experience on all platforms and websites like online casino Canada real money. In particular, this is related to loading times, as most mobile devices and PCs can run without any problem when it comes to computing power. But when it comes to opening the web pages up, this will undoubtedly make a huge difference.


Latency and Speed

5G means low latency. Latency is the time measurement of delay. It measures the time that data needs to get to some destination. What does that mean? That means latency is the time that the game you want to play needs to load. 5G will allow low latency in download and loading time. From 20 milliseconds for load now, it will go to 5 milliseconds. That difference can not get seen with the human eye, but that is a lot in gaming terms. Games have built-in latency timing, and when you put it together with other actions that games need to do before you notice it, it is a huge difference.


Speed and low latency combined with more processing power than ever in clouds will enhance VR VR gadgets like headsets will be wireless. A resolution will be higher than now, and graphics will be on another level. Lag, slow speed, and long estimated download time are the worst moments while trying to play a new, released game. 5G will make the user experience more accessible with high throughputs. VR and AR content will get streamed from the cloud, and it will be easy to use like usual streaming platforms like Netflix.


As a result, change to 5G will improve the overall internet user experience. It will be noticeable in services like transportation and logistics, health, and other branches where technology is part of the working process. In addition, entertainment will get new levels in terms of gaming and VR.

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