Mike Hoffman is happy to come to Montreal

Mike Hoffman has done regular work in life Relatively late, but he says it helped make him a better hockey player.

In whatever you want to be successful in, it takes a lot of hard work and determination. Nothing happens easily. I always believed in myself. You must have a good attitude and remain mentally strong. Anything you go through is something you want to take away from and help you move forward.

Quote from:Mike Hoffman, the new Montreal Canadiens striker

Having played for three clubs in LHJMQHoffman played three seasons and a large portion of the fourth season in the American League (AHL). In 2014-2015 he began to shine with Ottawa, scoring 27 goals and 48 points.

On Wednesday, the Canadian awarded him a three-year contract worth $13.5 million.

In 545 National League games, Hoffman scored 189 goals and 395 points. The left winger spent last season with the Blues, scoring 17 goals and 36 points. I have really enjoyed my time with St. Louis, but I am very excited about this change in my career.The 31-year-old said.

I can’t wait to join the Canadians. I can’t wait to play at the Bell Center. The atmosphere, the city and the passion of the crowd, that’s what you are looking for as a player.

Quote from:Mike Hoffman

He added that from the point of view of hockey is an excellent team with promising young players. I think the club will stay at this level, so it was an easy decision for me, Hoffman is particularly well known for his brilliance in the power game.

I am an attacking player. I don’t think the Canadian made me this offer to put me in the fourth line, he said. The attractions of the club and the city were far greater than the role to be entrusted to me, added Hoffman, who carefully followed the path from CH to the Stanley Cup Final.

I have watched several games. They have a very talented group in attack but they play really well in defense as well. It is not easy to reach the final. The club also has one of the best goalkeepers in the world. There is a lot of positivity here.

Quote from:Mike Hoffman

The track, which bodes well for the future, is an estimated 1.83 m (6 ft) and 82.5 kg (182 lb) athlete.

Hoffman said it was great that the club had come so far in the playoffs. It’s a valuable experience, and it will make all players hungrier. I think the future of the organization is bright.

On a personal level, he says he has made sure to offer regular play in recent seasons.

Hoffman said consistency is of the essence. The seasons are long, and we play a lot of hockey. You learn what to do in preparation, to be your best self. He’s good for himself, but also good for the team, he completed.

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