Music can be beneficial for older adults


  • Playing music has positive effects on the cognitive development of older people with dementia.
  • Being part of a choir or participating in workshops about instruments also improves their well-being.

Music has already been the subject of many scientific works, which have shown to stimulate creativity. Improve sleepOr even promote relaxation by reducing stress. Not only Useful for the cognitive development of young childrenListening to music can also help older adults, especially those with cognitive disorders.

This is evidenced by a meta-analysis of nine studies published in 1997 Journal of the American Society of Geriatrics. According to its authors, playing music has had a positive effect on cognitive performance in older adults with mild dementia. It also improved their mood and quality of life.

Cognitive stimulation that improves mood and quality of life

A total of 21 studies involving 1,472 participants were analyzed to determine potential effect sizes and intervention activities. Of these 21 studies, nine studies with a total of 495 participants were used to investigate the effects of music on cognitive performance.

The results clearly showed the positive effect of playing music on the cognitive performance of elderly people with cognitive decline or dementia. According to the authors, people with cognitive disabilities could benefit from future musical interventions outlined by strict intervention protocols that would isolate specific activities, such as a choir or a percussion workshop. Additionally, these activities had a real impact on the emotional well-being of the participants by improving their quality of life and mood. “We are pleased to see these results because participating in music, such as singing in a choir or playing in a drum circle, is a safe and stimulating activity that our research shows can support cognition. At a critical time for older adults facing cognitive decline.”Jenny L Doris of the University of Pittsburgh, who led the study, says.

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