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The US space agency, NASA, is giving everyone the opportunity to send their name to the moon. In fact, the federal agency is collecting the names that will be stored on the USB key and that will be sent to the moon. This project is part of the program Artemis that aims to send astronauts to the moon. However, the initiative to send names to the latter is part ofArtemis meThe first task of the program Artemis. This mission will be without a crew on board.

No release date has been announced

According to the information received from Katherine HambletonNASA spokesperson: “We hope this is a way to get people excited and inspired and to inspire the next generation, the generation of Artemis.”. It also specified that the USB key had to be packed onto the spacecraft, about a month before the launch date. However, this has not yet been announced. Note that for the mission Artemis IAnd the Katherine Hambleton She reported that NASA has already collected over a million names.

Remember, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the program Artemis subordinate NASA. On October 22, 2021, the US agency announced that it will resume the road to the moon this year 2022. Mission Artemis 1 It was originally set last February. However, it was postponed to a later date. According to the information available about this mission, the missile space launch system It will contain a probe with a camera. After the unit is separated Orion FromArtemis I From the launcher, the probe will be deployed.

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