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The next Canadian captain?

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Some gave the name Nick Suzuki, and others the name Brendan Gallagher. What if the next captain was Joel Edmondson instead?

“He’s definitely one of the guys that will be taken into consideration,” Martin St. Louis agreed without wanting to urinate too much in the process that would be put in place to appoint Shea Weber’s successor.

Because there will be a successor next year. Kent Hughes confirmed this in the early days of his appointment.

And if it were up to the Canadian players, Pierre Gervais could sew the letter C onto the number 44 shirt before retiring.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys voted for it,” the Canadians’ coach admitted.

CH . practice

Chantal Poirier’s photo

Because, apparently, taking a seat on the Blue Line from the Hab is the only thing Manitoban has yet to do for the team since the start of the season.

By the way, the odds of seeing him again in uniform over the weekend are very high.

“It’s close,” St. Louis said 24 hours after the game against the Seattle Kraken.

For the past few months, it was him who demanded that the song be returned fix you, from Coldplay, when Canadian players jump on the ice at the start of the game. He is also responsible for the musical selection after the victories. Recently, he was the main organizer of the beginner’s dinner in Vancouver.

Obviously, serving as a GO is not the first criterion when it comes to choosing a leader. However, for several weeks, the giant’s 6-foot-5-inch, 224-pound rise was felt in the team’s locker room.

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“He’s an incredible player, he’s won the Stanley Cup. His impact on the team is massive, even if he doesn’t play. He’s like everyone’s big brother,” Chris Weidman said. The way men are attracted to him, you don’t see that often.”

“He’s a good guy. He’s always been positive.” Matching his voice to Weidman’s, Jake Evans said, “It’s been a tough year for everyone, but it’s been even more difficult for him.”

Jake Evans

Martin Chevalier / JdeM

Jake Evans

In addition to suffering from frequent back pain, Edmundson experienced the pain of losing his father in January after a battle with cancer. Like many of his teammates, the defender also contracted COVID-19 during the season. In terms of pitfalls, the 28-year-old athlete got his money’s worth. However…

“Seeing him around the dressing room always brings positive energy. He is a true leader. He helps guys and always wants to be involved,” continued Evans.

Since he hasn’t played any game yet, it would be surprising if Edmundson would be a part of the business talks. This may not have been the case for many of his teammates.

However, less than ten days before the transaction deadline, Tyler Toffoli was the only one to change his address.

Although the Canadians’ recent successes have some Hung up fans hoping otherwise, it would be surprising if Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton’s plan changed. However, two hockey players are likely to scratch their heads more aggressively.

“We play hockey well and I’m sure we make it difficult for management to decide whether or not to trade certain players. They will have tough decisions to make,” said Josh Anderson.

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With his size and speed, Anderson is the type of player who doesn’t run the streets. The length of his contract, which will remain for five seasons at the end of this campaign, could dampen the enthusiasm of some general managers. Hughes, who will not have to make a decision on his case, may be pleased with Anderson himself.

“I have not signed a contract for seven people to trade. So far, I have loved every second of my time here,” Anderson insisted.

“The guys who have signed long-term contracts with the team want to stay,” he added. Some guys had a rough time, but don’t forget we were in the Stanley Cup Finals last year. It’s not something that happens with luck. There are a lot of good players here. »

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