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New games on the Nintendo Switch

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We especially see the Eiffel Tower upside down and broken in two in the desert. This surprising announcement made the players happy! Fans still have to wait, however: the video game won’t be released until 2022.

Prepare Apocalypse for the next installment of Splatoon.

Mario in the spotlight

After, after Mario Tennis Aces, The famous Italian plumber returns to the Switch with a new sports game: Mario Golf: Super Rush. Released June 25, 2021. The console looks like a golf club. What do you have the impression that you are on earth!

Before shooting, it’s up to you to analyze the winds and the elements around you. The game’s creators have also added a ‘Racing’ mode. In competition with other players, you have to run between each hit and be the first to finish the tournament.

Mario Golf
The most famous videogame characters return for a new sports adventure.

Regarding Animal crossingNintendo’s colossal success in 2020, there will be no new features anytime soon. However, to celebrate 35 years Super Mario BrosThen it will be possible to download something to decorate your island with the colors of the legendary Nintendo game. It will be discovered starting February 25th by updating the game for free. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal crossing
It will be possible to dress like Mario in the new Animal Crossing update.


Players expressed their disappointment with the Zelda saga. In fact, many of them were hoping for a sequel to the series. At the conference, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma apologized and asked the players to be patient. However, it has been announced that development of a new game is underway and that it will be able to provide more information this year.

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