New production of Ondink theater to watch online

New Experimental Theater (NTE) and Ondinnok Productions unite for creativity Wabsh container, A play by Lewis Carl Picard Sewe’s Phrases. The performance, directed by Daniel Brier and Dave Guinness, was filmed this past April at the Espace Libre Theater.

Mr. Picard-Sioui transports us to the fictional community of Kitchike, in southern Quebec, where archetypes, urban myths, and social and political tensions present in indigenous communities today come together and intertwine.

Born and raised in Ketchiki, Pierre Wabush will have an extraordinary fate … In his forties, without children, without a profession, without special talent, he became a pariah from his community after he dawned a scandal exposing the corruption of the Ketchiki leader.

Pierre Wabush is the prisoner of the universe who sends his own gang. Attracting him in spite of himself in a quest of a mystic and a novice, he must confront his past, his fears and prejudices to get out of this dimension and return to the homeland changed.

The main character is a tortured, lost man. On stage, actors and actresses are trying to convey this feeling to the spectators, who must gradually understand where Pierre Wabouch is.

The author warns: Kitchike is a parody scientist. There is a lot of irony in Pierre’s words.

Actors on stage.

On stage, spectators will find Charles Bender, Emily Seguin and Rene Russo.

Photo: Marilyn Gilino-Payette

Thus this production is imbued with the same funny spirit and erosion as Ketchik Chronicles / Great Landing On stage, he reveals reflections about the nature of force and the universe itself.

This piece is a descent into the psyche of Pierre Wabouch and his history. The goal is to fix the various fault points of this story.The author continues.

I don’t think there is a message behind this business. It is above all a fiction that reflects what it means to be Aboriginal today., Quest M. Picard-Sioui.

Aboriginal urbanization takes a great place in its creation. There has always been a misconception that has settled in Quebec, that the indigenous people are something that belongs to the North. While many indigenous people live in the south of the province, Continue.

To see the play from June 4, click here (A new window).

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