Saône-et-Loire was placed on probation

some advices

To identify the tiger mosquito

Aedes albopictus (the scientific name for the tiger mosquito) is small: less than 1 cm in wingspan. It is also black with white spots on the body and legs, has a white streak on the chest and a biting apparatus.

A reporting website enables it to be properly identifiable and forward information. This portal is “complementary to the telescopic trap system,” ARS specifies

To avoid implantation

Before flying and biting, mosquitoes grow in the water in the form of larvae.

Health authorities explain: “A person can do the right thing to prevent the spread of Aedes aegypti by removing small tanks of stagnant water.” what does it mean :

> Empty cups and plates (once a week) under flower pots, animal bowls, pleated tarpaulins, buckets, parasol bases, etc.

Cover the water pools

> Storage (out of rain) toys, wheelbarrows, buckets and watering cans

Maintaining gutters, ditches and canals

> Get rid of waste and used tires

> Create a balance in the pleasure pools: fish eat mosquito larvae

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