No more showing the vaccine passport

Performance halls, public and entertainment spaces can also open at maximum capacity from Saturday.

While many are breathing a sigh of relief, others remain concerned about the repercussions of this important step in the dismantling process introduced by the Quebec government.

Between rest and anxiety

In the red carpet cinema of Trois-Rivières, these new measures are welcomed with relief. displayed direct, Paul Langevin, co-owner of the cinema, emphasized that the obligation to submit a vaccination passport is a monopoly on a full-time employee.

On the other hand, he notes, his clients have mixed feelings about the fall of this scale and the number of spectators that are no longer limited. There is a part that is very happy, and then another part that tells us they are worried. There will be the return of the unvaccinated, it worries them a littlesays Paul Langevin.

The owners and staff try to reassure people. Wearing a mask remains mandatory. It seems that hand sanitizing is one of the rituals that will always be in place for red carpet management. Hand sanitizer we installed at the entrance to the cinema […] Even then, when everything is removed, we’ll keep that. So when people enter the cinema, they simply disinfect their handshe adds.

And a long way to go

Although things have improved a lot for movie theater owners, Paul Langevin has found that business has not regained the pace it had before the pandemic. Even we are far from it! We are happy, things are going well, and we still have a lot of peoplehe mentions, but acknowledges that having to turn people down because the room is full has never happened to him in two years.

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Paul Langevin remains optimistic. We’re quietly approaching, we’re having thriving movies, and we’re very encouraging. But, as I tell you, we still have a long way to go.

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