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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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The Chinese system is a bandit system.

China’s leaders made that clear on Friday.

They don’t even try to hide anymore.

They are pirates who will do anything to achieve their ends. Even taking innocent people hostage.

John the Square Value

It seemed as if they would wait a few days, let alone a few months, before releasing the two, just to perpetuate the myth that there was no connection between their arbitrary arrest and Meng Wanzhou’s detention in Vancouver.

Not even.

They were released immediately.

The plane carrying Mrs. Wenzhou to China crossed in the sky the plane carrying Michael two to Canada.

It looked like a scene from an old spy movie from the ’60s, like The spy who came from the cold.

A bridge covered in fog, dimly lit by lampposts.

guard boxes.

Security guards who can be seen from afar with binoculars.

Two military trucks approaching each other.

The return of Soviet spies to East Germany, the return of British spies to West Germany.


message received

Of course, everything had to be done to bring Michael back to the country.

However, we negotiated with the hostage takers.

We gave them what they wanted.

The bandits won.

They proved to the world that crime pays off.

There is nothing like taking two innocent people hostage and putting them in prison for three years to dissuade the two largest democracies on the planet.

The message has been understood by all the bandits on Earth.

Hackers know what to do now.

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Can you imagine how the thousands of Canadians (businessmen, diplomats, aid workers) living in China feel now?

in Iran?

In Russia ?

in KSA?

They have all become potential currencies for exchange.

They all have a sword hanging over their heads.


China is the scariest and scariest country on the planet.

A bloodthirsty dictatorship with a thriving economy.

Mao with a large bank account.

Previously, there were communist regimes, strong but poor, and democracies, fragile but rich.

China has invented a third method, a mutant, an illusion, a monster.

An uncompromising military and economic superpower and extremely wealthy.

China literally holds the world in family jewels.

The slightest criticism of her, she tightens her fist.

Soon it will be the greatest power on the planet.

It will be her, the police of the world.

And unlike the United States, China does not tie its hands to the moral demands of democracy.

The will of the people, a free press, transparency, respect for minorities and international treaties – it all rises 25,000 feet above his head.

She can do whatever she wants when she wants.

We will not raise our voices to get angry.

Because we will need his money.

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