One World Trade Center promoter settles down in Montreal

Silverstein Properties, the real estate developer of the World Trade Center towers, will create a store in Montreal. The company wants to set up a large research and development center there, Inspire Labs, which will help create 30 jobs in the city.

This will be the first Canadian office for the company, one of the largest real estate managers in Manhattan. The company wanted to expand while maintaining close proximity to New York.

Noam Wiseman, Vice President of Silverstein Properties, said during an interview with Newspaper.

A group of qualified employees

The company is also looking for talent and has found an ecosystem in the city to establish its hub.

Montreal has many universities and computer science programs. He pointed out that the city offers a large pool of multilingual and skilled talent, including IT professionals and recent graduate students.

Montreal International, who co-founded the company in the capital, believes the reach of the promoter can make kids.

Application development

In Montreal, the center will transform an app for managing 50,000 promoter tenants into a personal digital solution. Another project, called RTSP, targets companies looking to make space for their employees during business trips.

Silverstein has not applied for government assistance. But the company could benefit from some of the programs in place, particularly for research and development.

The company leader did not want to detail the size of the investment, but it would be a strategic asset for the promoter.

“This will be our largest research and development facility,” Wiseman said.

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