Ongoing budget in Balester, according to opposition parties

The deficit budget, which includes some health investments in addition to the tax credit, was rolled out on Tuesday.

Manitoba New Democratic Party leader Wap Kino says he is a Continuation of Brian Pallister’s plan. The former prime minister resigned from the Progressive Conservative Party this fall, when his party was weak in the polls.

What they are announcing today means cuts in healthcare and will result in less bedside careHe says.

Given everything that is happening in Ukraine, with the cost of living, with COVID-19, Manitobans are looking for reasons to be optimistic. They are looking for reasons to hope. Unfortunately, they won’t find it in this budget todayFollows the leader of the opposition.

Wap Kenyo adds that the Progressive Conservative Party has spent years advertising programs, only to reduce their use. At this point, after so many years, who can trust them?He says.

He says the county should provide a timetable for clearing the backlog of surgeries, something the finance minister refused to do on Tuesday.

Wap Kino wants the county to stop sending patients out of the county for health care.

Moreover, the NDP leader believes that the region could have invested more in economic recovery.

I think one of the missed opportunities today is the lack of a strategy to grow Manitoba’s economy. What is the plan and where is the leadership to get us out of the current challenges?he argues.

For Manitoba’s Liberal Party leader, Dugald Lamont, budgeting is an exercise in election flavor. This is a budget that is really designed to give progressive conservatives, the prime minister, as many strips as possible to cut between now and the next election.He says.

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It’s a disappointing budget. They were telling us to keep in touch, and this is a re. I easily count hundreds of millions of dollars in projects that have already been announcedMr. Lamont argues.

He deplores the lack of investment in public service, including in health, as well as the lack of funds for environmental initiatives or reconciliation with indigenous peoples.

A budget that does not pass through unions

Canadian Federation of Public Employees Manitoba Chapter President Gina McKay regrets the Progressive Conservative government It continues to abolish taxes for ideological reasons instead of subsidizing schools and health facilities.

Mackay fears the impact on public services as the government attempts to balance the budget in 2028.

We are very concerned that the government is going to privatize, contract and sell public services to balance its budget.She said in a press release.

Manitoba Labor Union President Kevin Rebek (on file)

Photo: Radio Canada

Manitoba Labor Union President Kevin Rebek notes that the budget Misses the target to fix government cuts and austerity by Brian PallisterAnd that the announced amounts do not make it possible to meet the shortage of labor.

Moreover, he regrets that the wages of the employees do not make it possible to combat the rise in prices.

Reviews in Education

The Federation of University Professors’ Associations of Manitoba believes that Prime Minister Stefansson continues the educational austerity policy of Brian Pallister And It ignores the role of higher education in economic development.

The president of the Manitoba department of the Canadian Students’ Union, Marie-Paul Ihoso, regrets that international student health insurance, which was scrapped under Brian Pallister, is not in the government’s papers.

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This makes Manitoba less attractive to international students. If you come to study in Manitoba without healthcare, it becomes stressful and students are in a precarious situation.she told Radio Canada.

Health investments are welcomed

The organization representing 4,000 physicians in Manitoba, Physicians of Manitoba, welcomes priority health investments, Although the result is not measured in dollars invested, but in reduced wait times, backlogs and staff recruitment and retention to ensure patients receive the care they needsays its president, Christian Thompson.

He adds that Not important to rebuild the healthcare system that was under stress during and before the pandemic.

French speaking reaction

France’s director-general of health, Annie Bedard, believes the government should have gone further in taking care of French.

All about the recognition of certificates from other countries, these are the main issues that could have been addressed, incentives and a new health card that would have recorded data on the Francophone population.notes.

A lady with short blonde hair smiles proudly for the camera.

Annie Bedard, Executive Director of Santé en français (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada/Matilde Montaigne

Société de la francophonie manitobaine’s general manager, Daniel Boucher, points out that there is a lack of data to know. What will be the share of the Francophonie in Manitoba.

For us this is very important, we don’t want to be forgottenConcludes.

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