Out of Crisis at Inclusion Clare

Inclusion Clare offers daytime activities, such as fueling and participating in a community kitchen, and accommodations for people with disabilities in the municipality of Clare.

In June 2021, the situation of the client, Elise Tibodou, contributed to a crisis within the association. The 28-year-old was due to move to Maison Dames, Mit., but just days before she moved, Inclusion Clare halted the process.

Young woman holding a bouquet of flowers.

Élise Thibodeau is a very social person despite her difficulties expressing herself, according to her mother.

Photo: Helen Tibodo

They found it difficult to communicate with the parents because we asked questions, which is why they fired Elise last yearHis mother, Helen Tibodeau, believes.

The association’s president at the time, Monette Robeishod, challenges this version of the facts. She does not want to say more because she does not want to disrupt the activities of the new board of directors, but agrees to state so: All Board member decisions are made in the interest of Inclusion Clare.

The young woman is holding a plate and cups.

Elise Thibodeau likes to help out with the housework, according to her mother.

Photo: Helen Tibodo

Regardless of his origin, Elise Tiboudou status mobilized a part of the community.

It’s really touching to see how many people, even those we don’t know, have come to help us, support us, send letters, sign petitions.Comments by Helene Thibodeau. I think my daughter knows more people in society than I doShe adds a laugh.

License Suspension

Last September, during a general meeting, the board of directors was defeated. The Department of Community Services then stepped in to suspend the adoption of the Inclusion Clare and appoint the administrator, Jodi Heffern, to run the day-to-day business while attorneys review the association’s bylaws and a new board is elected.

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Jodi Heffern believes clients have weathered these difficult times well, as their daily lives have not changed. On the other hand, the staff had to deal with a lot of uncertainty, according to her.

The fear of the unknown was very stressful for the employees. »

Quote from Jodi Heffern, Claire Listing Director

Finally, last February, the association elected a new board of directors, now chaired by Susan Bellevue.

Then, in April, the Society’s Department of Community Service re-certified the association.

The one-story house is located on Highway 1, in Meteghan, opposite Villa Acadienne.

La Maison d’Amis, in Meteghan, could soon become the new home of Elise Thibodeau.

Photo: Radio Canada/Peter Dawson

Our department continues to support Inclusion Clare and its clients, who remain our prioritySecretary Carla MacFarlane said May 5. We communicate with the association to help them implement their action plan and to ensure that there is good governance in terms of procedures and policies in addition to a good relationship with the community.

As for Elise Thibodeau, she is involved in a six-month transition to go live on Maison d’Amis.

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