Princeville appoints its new general manager

Princeville City Council members have announced the appointment of Dominique Ducet as General Manager. He will officially take office on April 19, 2022.

“We welcome Mr. Doucet to our organization. Over the years, through his prior practical experience, he has shown that he knows how to successfully meet the challenges of such a strategic and operational position,” stated the Mayor of Prineville, Gilles Fortier.

He said Mr. Doucet stood out during the selection process conducted by the Federation of Quebec Human Capital Center.

Doucier is a graduate of Université Laval, with an Integrated Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics. He has also completed a Master’s degree in Public Affairs (Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation) and is pursuing postgraduate studies specializing in Business Administration, still at Université Laval.

Since 2018, Mr. Doucet has been responsible for the public administration of the municipality of San Ferdinand. Previously, he worked as a Project Manager in Public Administration and Director of Human Resources in Placesville.

It should be noted that he was the Residual Materials Management Project Manager at MRC de Lobel. In addition, he was an energy and environment analyst at the consulting firm ÉcoRessources Inc. and Policy Analyst in Environment Canada.

In Mr. Doucet’s track record, we also find his involvement as an advisor to the Asset Management Technical Committee of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. He was previously a Director on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM), an association for the management of public infrastructure assets in Canada.

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