Quebec City wants to revitalize its commercial arteries

Marchand’s administration has confirmed, through a survey it will launch this week, that it will take the pulse of the merchants on these streets before the project begins.

Depending on the needs of each of these arteries, Quebec City can, for example, install street furniture or green the space with flower boxes.

Moreover, thanks to the contribution of local organizations, neighborhood parties, musical performances and public markets can be held there. This means that the city can temporarily and sometimes smooth these pedestrian arteries during events.

Business Development

The goal of this pilot project, according to the mayor of Quebec, is to make the city’s arteries more attractive and thus better highlight the experience and products of the merchants who are there.

We want to respect and work with neighborhood dynamicsrefers to the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand. It’s not the city that will do that instead. It is the city that will deal with it with its accompaniment and support.

I am sure this project will be a development lever for the entire community and will finally restore Rue Royale to its former glory.rejoices, for her part, Robert Giffard County Councilor, Isabel Roy.

COVID has been really hard on our commercial arteries, and especially on Avenue Royale, which has been running out of money year after year.she adds.

Project intending to expand

The three target arteries were selected as part of the pilot after analysis, says David Weiser, member of the Executive Committee responsible for economic development, entrepreneurship and commercial streets.

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The diversity of existing businesses as well as the possibility to temporarily divert vehicular traffic were part of the criteria, as was the overall design of the street.

Quebec City has about a hundred trade routes on its territory. The pilot project could be extended to more streets in the coming years if it proves successful.

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