Quebec Series at Séries Mania in France

the black monsterWritten by Patrick Lowe and Annabelle Poisson and directed by Sophie Desrip. Compete in the International Panorama category. The story aired on Série Plus, starring Sophie Cadiux and Isabelle Blais. CBC . series Somewhat It is also presented in this category.

from his side, Felix, Maud and the end of the world It is submitted in the competition’s short formats category. Written by Michel Brouillette and Stéphanie Perreault, and directed by Dan and PAG, the series is broadcast on ICI Extra. Jean-Carl Boucher, Sarah Keita, Stephanie Germain, Patrick Emmanuel Abelard and Jean-François Casabon play the main characters. Something has been undone, the CBC Gem series, also competes in this category.

Jean-Carl Boucher in the series “Félix, Maude et la fin du monde”

Photo: Orange Trio

In addition, six other Quebec chains will be presented during this festival. after, afterWith Karen Vanas. reasonable doubtWith Julie Perrault. And family bond, With Rachel Gratton, is the series presented by Radio Canada.

The three people sat at a table outside with food and wine.  The two men look at each other.

Mathieu (Pierre-Yves Cardinal), Magali (Rachel Gratton) and Guillaume (Maxime Allard) in a scene from the “Un lien familial” series

Photo: Marilyn Jelino Payet

On the side of Kibekor content, the series Audrey is backby Florence Longbury and Guillaume Lambert; Chaos, based on the idea of ​​Giuselito Michaud; And berry timeDirector Philippe Falardo’s first series will be on the list.

Featured humor

In addition to performances, the festival will offer educational workshops, events, autographs, and eclectic meetings.

Many comedians will be present: Kian Khojandi, Agnes Horstelle, Alex Ramirez, Muriel Robin and Vadile Camara, and the Saturday evening will be devoted to sitcoms.

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Exclusive excerpts

Audiences will also discover exclusively new episodes of hit series such as the second season of Mitho, in October on the Aarti channel, the first volume of Part 5 of Stealing money, in September on Netflix.

A man wearing glasses stands behind a model of a building.

The teacher in the series “La Casa de Papel”

Photo: Netflix / Tamara Arranz

For this fourth Lille release, the number of French headlines will be greater than the global ones, depending on health restrictions.

To overcome the obstacle of the epidemic, the festival will also be available online (A new window), where exclusive interviews, series and live matches will be presented.

During the opening ceremony, American actress Audra MacDonald will receive the first prize of the festival.

Portrait of a smiling woman.

Audra MacDonald on August 8, 2021 in Los Angeles

Photo: afp via getty Images / VALERIE MACON

After that, festival-goers will see the first episode of the British series as a global exclusive. vigilanceWith Soran Jones. And Rose LeslieAn investigation aboard a nuclear submarine.

The jury of the international competition, headed by the Israeli writer Hagai Levy, will decide between eight groups: one Italian, I writer Niccolo Omanetti; Icelandic Blackport; two israeli women, the echo of your voice And Jerusalem; Turki village; german norwegian, very angry; Italian Franco, Germinal. and danish, kamikaze.

The International Panorama Jury, which will award the Grand Prize and Special Jury Prize among 15 other competition series, will be chaired by journalist and author Florence Aubenas.

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