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Quebec wants to end sterilizations without informed consent

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Thus he was responding to a series of reports published in recent months by Radio Canada and dutyThe most prominent of them was the report broadcast by the program Investigation last Thursday.

Several women, both indigenous and black, recounted that they were sterilized there against their will, after being offered tubal ligation during labour.

I get goosebumps when I hear this kind of interference, to ask a woman during childbirth for her permission to tie, so she can never have children again.Mr. Legault commented.

It is totally unacceptable, even brutal.

College of Physicians Intervened […] With all the doctors until it doesn’t happen againHe continued, but the Ministry of Health You will also make sure of that.

These 10,000 doctors should [qui font des accouchements] You have a clear order not to do this in Quebec again. And the best person to do it […]He is the Minister of Health [Lionel Carmant]. He will do it

Quote from:François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec

All opposition parties also expressed their dissatisfaction with this practice.

Invitation to order from the College of Physicians

The president of the College of Physicians, Muriel Goderault, said: Investigation He was very uncomfortable And Very concerned about the fact that there may be unauthorized sterilizations in Quebec He confirmed that he was calling the doctors to ask.

Emphasizing that consent to such a procedure, the consequences of which are almost always, must occur after an antenatal discussion, in order to give the woman time to reflect, Dr. Goderault indicated an unwillingness to issue a specific directive to prohibit it.

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In a letter published Wednesday on the college’s website, Dr. Goderault confirmed the accounts of the women who testified overwhelming to me Investigation It raises many questions and concerns It states that every woman should be Eligible consent to sterilization.

She must be free to express herself, and to accept or refuse the treatment offered to her. The doctor’s duty is to provide the necessary and sufficient information to make a decision, he is writing.

You should also take the time to provide explanations, answer the person’s questions, and make sure they are understood.

Unless there is a special medical context in exceptional circumstances, childbirth is not the time to address fertility problems. It is up to the doctor who accompanies the patient throughout her pregnancy to deal with this issue in the best conditions.

Quote from:Dr. Muriel Goderault, President of the College of Physicians

More details to come.

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