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Reduction in the number of cases

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TheThe data suggests that the peak of infection occurred at the end of June/July and that the number of confirmed cases has tended to decline since then. “, refers to the organization in a study relating to the week of September 12.” However, you have to be carefulcontinue, Because the summer period may have resulted in a delay in diagnosis and reporting. Likewise, some people could not turn to care. However, many countries in Europe are also noticing a slowdown or even a decrease in the number of new cases announced in recent weeks. As of September 12, France had 3,833 confirmed cases of people with monkeypox, or 112 additional cases since the September 6 assessment. The breakdown by region is as follows: le de France has the largest number of cases (2,332 – 61%), followed by Occitanie (308 cases) and Bacca (264 cases). The vast majority of cases are men and 79 (2.1%) cases are women. Of the confirmed cases, 2.1% were hospitalized with an infection. No deaths have been reported so far. A case first appeared this week on Reunion Island.

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The government was criticized at the beginning of the pandemic for slow delivery of vaccines and the lack of vaccination centers in France and the Baka region, and the government has moved. As of September 11, 89,970 doses of the vaccine have been administered, according to figures from the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

In addition, the government has established a designated telephone line, the “Monkeypox info service”, accessible daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., at the toll-free number 0.801.90.80.69 (free, anonymous and confidential calls and services). This device is responsible for accompanying messages of prevention and preventive measures, providing information about symptoms, treatment and vaccination, and providing advice and guidance towards devices of care.

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