Repercussions for Tim Stutzel?

Ottawa Senator Tim Stutzel may miss Thursday night’s game against the Nashville Predators with a knee injury he sustained during a widely popular streak against the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday.

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On the sidelines of his team’s morning training session, head coach DJ Smith mentioned that the German hockey player’s problems were related to the knee-to-knee contact he shared with Nick Suzuki two days ago. His participation or absence in the duel to be held at the Canadian Tyre Center will be confirmed at a later time.

The clash between Stützle and Suzuki – who received a minor penalty for his gesture – caused talk on the ice and in the press conference room. Habs veteran Brendan Gallagher attempted to attack the ‘Sens’ swatch at the end of the match and in front of reporters, accused him of overreacting after the clash with Suzuki.

“he is [Stützle] He is an excellent player. I’ve been dealing with it for two years. In at least half of his matches, he lay on the ice and got back on the ice in the next shift. There are children watching, we must set an example. “If I were his teammate, I would tell him to be smarter,” said Gallagher, whose notes were quoted privately by Le Journal de Montréal.

Stützle has 15 goals and 28 assists for 43 points in 68 games this season.

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