Sagweni puts her hands on the flag of Tremblay

Claudette Tremblay, a former municipal councilor in the area, still carried a copy of the flag and gave it to the city. She claims to have kept it at home since the merger in 2002.

For Dominique Arsino, a city spokesman, it was a pleasure to find the missing flag.

We’re really so glad we found it, it was the missing piece. When we finally get to unravel it, and see it completely, it’s a bit like unpacking a Christmas presentShare it on Monday.

The motto inscribed on the flag is: Without a shiver.

The flag will be included in the project of Mayor Julie Dufour, who wishes to highlight the identity of the old towns that make up today Saguenay.

We’ve been looking for him for weeks, and we had no archive photos, no photos, nothing. We discovered it this morning and are excited to share it with you today. »

Quote from Dominique Arsenault, spokesperson for Saguenay

The government of Julie Dufour made the appeal to the public last Thursday. Sagweni already had the flag of the other six municipalities (Chikotemi, Junkiere, La Bay, Lac-Kinogami, Laterire and Chischo). The flags will be used as part of a project to identify former municipalities.

With information from Philippe L’Heureux

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