Canadian Leagues: China leaves “serious consequences”

Canada faces dire consequences If he continues to participate in military patrols off North KoreaChina warned on Monday.

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The Chinese government denounced Canadian “provocations” after Chinese aircraft intercepted Canadian reconnaissance planes.

According to Ottawa and the Canadian Armed Forces, a CP-140 Aurora reconnaissance aircraft has been intercepted more than once by aircraft of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) while monitoring the implementation of the embargo on North Korea, under the auspices of the United Nations. .

During these interactions, PLAAF aircraft failed to meet international flight safety standards. These interactions are unprofessional and/or endanger the safety of RCAF personnel,” the Army decried at 1Verse June, indicating that Chinese interference was forcing Canadian aircraft to change flight paths.

However, China sees these interventions differently.

“The UN Security Council has never authorized any country to exercise military surveillance of other countries’ air and sea space for the purpose of imposing sanctions,” Zhao Lijian denounced at a press briefing on Monday.

China’s military spokesman, Wu Qian, added that his country had taken “reasonable, strong and professional measures in response to Canada’s provocative, unfriendly and unprofessional actions.”

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