Saskatoon renomera la route John A. Macdonald

Future generations will remember this decision and think it was the right one.Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark said at a city council meeting.

The City of Saskatoon will consult with indigenous community leaders, residential school survivors, seniors, and knowledge keepers to find a new name for the road.

Section 3 consultant David Kirton, who is behind the movement, will go door to door to let residents who live along the road know about the name change.

I ask the people of this road to open their hearts to our native neighbours. That’s not all we can do, but it’s really the first thingMr. Kirton said.

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The City Council has also approved the development of a City Historic Heritage Review which will look at all practices of Saskatoon’s colonial past that need to be changed.

Mark Arcand, head of the Saskatoon Tribe Council, who addressed the city council before the vote, said: The name change is a step toward reconciliation as the world continues to learn the truth about boarding schools.

People in their 60’s, 70’s or 80’s relive the horror of boarding schools. It destroys people, families, partnerships and relationships, and this has to changeMr. Arkand said.

Correct the mistakes

For Mark Arcand, it’s time to right the wrongs the residential school system has made.

In the end, we will all be better people because of it, because we can take this opportunity to educate our city, our school systems, our families, and our children.explained.

The city has yet to discuss the cost of renaming the road, but Sarina Gerscher, city councilor for Ward 8 The city will reduce this cost so that it is not passed on to the residents.

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Worried about the cost of the work being judged Annoying by M.Arcand.

Boarding schools practically ruined the lives of the aborigines, I think it’s kind of a slap in the face when people talk about the cost, He said.

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