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She supported Lucie Bílá Vesna ahead of Eurovision

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“The V means village, but it can also mean victory,” Lucy Bella told Právu, adding at the band’s meeting with supporters and journalists that she admired the courage with which female musicians set out to achieve success in the world. In addition to friendly relations, he also has a working relationship with Patricia, the vocalist of the Vesna group. She is the author of many of her songs.

Vesna is currently training intensely. He has also performed at foreign fairs held as part of the Eurovision promotion. She is already known to viewers in Poland, Israel, Spain, Holland and England.

among the top ten

“Now we are going through the most intense period of our lives. When one of us is out of breath, others hold her and give her the courage to do the next task,” singer Patricia Foxova told Braff.

Vesna will have an unprecedented starting position for the Czech representatives at Eurovision. Many ranked her among the favorites for advancing to the finals, and she is currently in 11th place in the bookmakers’ tips.

“Speaking for myself, I will admit that with the BBC rating us in the top ten among all participants, bookies giving us good odds and people putting us into favorites in debates, I am eager to have as much success as possible. At the same time, I tell us And the girls always told each other that we have to keep our feet on the ground. We’ll only have about three minutes on stage in Liverpool to succeed. I know we’ll do our best in that moment. The audience will decide where we are, and after our performance it’ll be up to them,” added Voksova .

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Vesna after announcing their move to Liverpool.

“The fact that so many believe in us motivates us,” says violinist and singer Bara Ostkova. “We’re not worried about that, and it’s probably due to the fact that there’s not much pressure on us from the Czech Republic. This country doesn’t take Eurovision culture well, so in Liverpool we’ll be competing a lot for ourselves and for the women. But we want to go higher. possible level.

leave? almost

Vesna will fly to Liverpool on Sunday, April 30th. There will be two weeks on site semi-finals and finals. In the first days, rehearsals will take place on stage, then they will rest and on Tuesday, May 9, it will be their turn in the first semi-final. In it, she will appear thirteenth in the order.

If he makes it to the final, he will also perform in the Beatles’ hometown on Saturday, May 13th. The next day, she will release the Muzika mini-album, which was created at a time when she was already preparing for a prestigious competition.

According to the bookmakers, the co-favorite of Eurovision is the Vesna group


Vesna’s group eats at Eurovision


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