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“Science is the constant debate”

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Maintenance work – The writer provides, through the history of the Earth’s Five Great Mass Extinctions, a reflection on literature and scientific knowledge.

For five million years, the Earth experienced five major catastrophes in which life almost completely disappeared. When is six? It will depend on human behavior towards the planet. The Goncourt laureate, a father of three, decided to put his pen to the service of life and earth sciences, which he had been teaching until 2013. After authoring a book on trees last October, he published This planet is not very safe, In Humansciences.

Le Figaro. Sometimes you write “I feel like I’m the only person over 12 who dreams of dinosaurs”. What do they make you dream about?

Alexis Jenny. – I love their baroque side. If they appeared 240 million years ago, we basically know those who died, like 75% of species, 66 million years ago. Plastic figurines in children’s departments have introduced us to their various forms. Some of them have large teeth or large claws, others have large teeth …

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