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According to science, the most beautiful woman in the world is…

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Bella Hadid meets the highest standards of perfection.

Bella Hadid He has an almost perfect face. It was not his family or any opinion poll saying that but science and more precisely an expert in physics (we are talking about the human body), plastic surgery Britain’s Julian da Silva. To reach this conclusion, he analyzed the nine parts of the face of several female starlets, the size and position of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin and jaw. Based on the theory of the golden ratio (“divine proportion”) based on the number phi (1.618), he was able to determine the closest to it. Nobody ever made it to 100% Bella, it’s not far from it because it’s 94.35% perfect.

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Bella Hadid, Perfection (Almost) Made a Woman

The strong point of the model 25 years, this is his chin. It’s already 99.7% perfect, to the point where it’s almost impossible to do better than it. Its weak point is the eyebrows, which “only” reach 88% of perfection.

In this ranking, Bella Hadid is totally ahead Beyonce (92.44%) and Amber Heard (91.85%) who completed the podium. The rest of the top 10 are Ariana Grande (91.81%), Taylor Swift (91.64%), Kate Moss (91.05%), Scarlett Johansson (90.91%), Natalie Portman (90, 51%), Katy Perry (90.08%) and Cara Delevingne (89.99%).

in detail”Almost perfectA woman must have Bella’s forehead and chin, Beyoncé’s face shape (99.6%), Amber Heard’s nose (99.7%) lips (98.5%) and eyebrows (94%) by Cara Delevingne and Scarlett Johansson’s eye position (99.9%)!) if This sounds like you, you should consider entering a beauty pageant!

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