Second flood in two weeks in London

(London) Londoners were busy cleaning up their city on Monday, as their homes, streets and underground system were inundated on Sunday for the second time in as many weeks.

The British Met Office said 41.6 cm of water fell into the city center on Sunday afternoon, the equivalent of one month of precipitation.

Monday was drier, but four flood warnings remained in effect for the southeast. Parts of England and Scotland may be engulfed by more thunderstorms in the coming days.

Whipps Cross Hospital in the northeastern city canceled all surgeries and outpatient appointments on Monday after flooding in its basement destroyed its electrical system. Ambulances were sent to other institutions.

Eight train and metro stations were closed on Sunday due to flooding. Photos show water flowing down the stairs at Pudding Mill Lane Station.

Residents used buckets, brooms, and even wooden planks to try to protect themselves when storm drains overflowed in several places.

The rain came after a period of hot, dry weather that drove the British toward the lakes and sea in search of a brief respite.

Earlier this month, multiple storms caused devastating floods and killed more than 200 people in Germany and Belgium.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the city was seeing “more and more extreme weather events linked to climate change”.

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