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Tedeschi: In the heart of a unique land

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The Tedeschi family has its roots in local traditions, but they soon realize that the future depends on science and on a deep understanding of the nature of Valpolicella.

For romantics, beautiful Verona evokes Juliet’s Balcony and Verdi’s Opera performed outdoors in the ancient amphitheater. For wine lovers, Verona finds an even greater resonance with Valpolicella, Amarone, Ribaso and other liquid dishes coming to life in the “Valley of Many Cellars”.

The vast Valpolicella region consists of a series of valleys that originated in the pre-alpine Alps north of Verona and trace their course to the plains to the south. The valleys of Foman, Marano and Negrar, which make up the region of Valpolicella Classico, are the historical core of the Veronese vineyards. There, in the small village of Pedemonte, the Tedeschi family has been making wine since 1630. Nearly four centuries of development is a unique terroir, where vines climb up hillsides, sometimes free, sometimes surrounded by terraces. From dry stone, which creates a breathtaking atmosphere.

Rooted in regional traditions, the Tedeschi family has long recognized that the future depends on science and on a deep understanding of the nature of Valpolicella. Thus, Riccardo Tedeschi launched an ambitious study of the soil through the characteristics of the various beds. Armed with the results of this research, they set out to strengthen the vineyards’ natural defenses, through healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

The Tedeschi wine selection is impeccable on all levels. Between the soft and easy-to-drink Valpolicella that we drink with cold cuts, to the great plots of Amarone, including the popular Ribaso, spacious, comfortable and generous, how can we not fall under the spell?

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Germans Marni 180, AmarĂ³n della Valpolicella 2018

As a pioneer in developing a piece of Amarone wine, Tedeschi signs here a uniquely rich wine, made from grapes that are left to dry for four months before fermentation. 2018 reveals aromas of black currant, rum and mint on the palate. The palate is intense and warm, while remaining elegant and fresh. Remove the pitcher and serve with osso buco and herb polenta.

$42.75 – SAQ Code 522763

Germans Capital San Rocco Ribaso Valpolicella Super Duc 2018

The grapes that make up Capitel San Rocco come from the property of Maternigo, in the eastern part of Valpolicella. The Ribaso method, which consists of a second fermentation on Amarone Lee, infuses the wine with nuances of cherry and peach, with touches of black tea, orange peel and spices. Drink it for the next five years, with pappardelle ragi. Excellent value.

$21.50 – SAQ Code 972216

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