The fight of Jean Pascal canceled: the products’ error in muscle mass

With steroids products in his body, Jean Pascal can gain muscle mass without retaining water.

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This is the analysis of Christian Ayot, director of the Doping Control Laboratory at the National Institute for Scientific Research.

She initially said, “In this case, there are two types of anabolic steroids: trenbolone and drostanolone,” and the other is a derivative of drostanolone.

Christian Ayutt is director of the Sports Doping Laboratory at the Armand Fraper Institute in Laval.

File photo, Martin Allary

Christian Ayutt is director of the Sports Doping Laboratory at the Armand Fraper Institute in Laval.

“These are two products that are well known for preserving muscle mass and preventing water retention and weight gain. In sports where there are weight classes, this is important.”

These two substances can be injected and can be detected in the body for a longer period. On this topic, Badou Jack added a layer to his social networks. He claimed that Pascal’s test has been positive twice in the past few weeks.

“They say he tested positive in the first week of testing,” he wrote. The results were similar in the second week, but with a higher doping rate for the same subjects. “

the desire

What could drive an athlete to take steroids in anticipation of a competition or fight? The reasons can be many.

M said: “When software is not sufficiently deterrent, the temptation can be very strong sometimes.”I Iot. It can be even more so when you are a veteran trying to stay competitive. “

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Then she shot an arrow at the anti-doping software used in the world of boxing.

“Boxing is the weak link to doping tests,” M. addsI Iot. We take very little care of these athletes. ”

She is not wrong. Anabolic steroids are well established in the world of boxing. It’s a sad note to make.

In recent years, we have seen several cases of doping, particularly among heavyweight companies. At some point, players in the field will have to take matters into their own hands and be given a real push.

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