The first (small) wave of advertisements for Persona, which is celebrating its 25th birthday

Persona, this epic once upon a time I borrowed the name Shin Megami TenseiShe just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday. A few months ago, Atlus . was published Location Specially for the occasion, preparing No less than 7 ads Until the end of the year and until 2022.

The candle is extinguished, the Japanese studio begins hostilities with a gentle introduction, which, unfortunately, is not very charming for the West.

At the heart of this first volume is an advertisement 25th Anniversary Persona Special Orchestra ConcertA concert (if I swear to you) will be held in November 21 at the Tokyo Opera Hall. In the program: music from all episodes of the series, performed by an orchestra. Atlas can prepare well some revelations For this event – it won’t be the first time – but nothing is less certain.

That is, at the time of writing, no information has been provided about any retransmissions outside Japanese territory. And speaking of stuff for our friends in Japan, all the anime, movies, and musicals will soon be available to them on vod platforms (Prime video, Hulu, etc.).

A smooth start, as some were expecting the big cartridges from the start. And Atlas still goes there with a bit of annoyance, it seems New game soon. Obviously, the studio wanted to say more; However, the puzzle must be raised in December, the month during which next video Persona 25 times is expected.

person 6 Paraphrasing and/or paraphrasing the old title – I hear Persona 3 screaming in the back of the room – or even another secondary rendering, time is for guesswork.

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Note that Atlus is also concocting a stream for October 1 as part of the Tokyo Game Show. Persona is unlikely to be one of them, but we are not immune to surprise.

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