Usbek & Rica – “Métavers” – When Zuckerberg dreams of a Facebook world 100%

2045. While the world is in the grip of multiple crises (energy, climate, military, etc.), Oasis is emerging as a global virtual reality system, accessible with helmets, gloves and custom suits. It was originally conceived as a video game, but over time it has become a virtual community that all of humanity uses as an outlet … The world described in the two sentences you just read is of course a virtual community Ready player one. In this science fiction novel by writer Ernest Klein, which appeared in 2011 and Adapted after seven years for cinema by Steven SpielbergThus, the “metaverse,” i.e., the oasis, takes precedence over the rest of society, in that it determines the actions of each at the same time. On-line ” And ” In real life …to the point that the distinction between these two concepts is no longer entirely clear.

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Is this “new reality” compatible with the future of humanity? Since the concept emerged in the 1990s (author Neil Stevenson was the first to imagine it in his novel) virtual samurai, released in 1992), some believe that in any case it is as hard as iron. as we told you At the beginning of the year in this article, in the first decade of the twenty-first century, the success of the virtual world of second life Reviving the idea of ​​a digital universe parallel to ours. However, the hype for this game ended up waning over the years, and in the early 2000s, the rise of social networks ended intruding on much of humanity’s biggest digital imaginations. Stories, endless scrolling, voice notes… The future of technology has been cut short in recent years « Updates ».

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At the dawn of the 1920s, some believe it’s time to re-launch the fantasy machine. So from Tim Sweeney, Creator from the famous game It is an electronic game, who, in early 2020, let rapper Travis Scott do it Presenting an exclusive concert on what we should henceforth call a complete platform, where one can” Join our friends We also meet them in a bar or on the street. Not to mention the imminent exit from Facebook skyline, a virtual reality social network project led by Mark Zuckerberg’s teams, is still in the testing phase but the company appears to be betting heavily on it. Specifically confirmed by the main interested party at the end of July 2021 As part of an interview with the American media The Verge : condition ” social network The CEO of Facebook wants to move his company to metaverse ».

According to Mark Zuckerberg, such a project actually goes beyond the only problem of virtual reality. About Facebook Horizon, the billionaire tells in the interview that his teams are working to make it a space” Stand up, concerts, high-end video games “, or” Everyone can have their own avatar and teleport “in this different” meeting places “digital with” Their own clothes and their own digital stuff ». « An entire economy will develop around this “He predicts excitedly.

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Internally, the subsidiary of Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) that is specifically responsible for the Oculus immersive headset, and is currently responsible for implementing these projects. In a Facebook post published on Tuesday 27 July, its leader Andrew Bosworth added that announced creation A new module specifically for “metavers” within FRL. will collect” Teams responsible for carrying out this ambitious work in a responsible manner Under the auspices of Vishal Shah, formerly Product Manager » Au d’Instagram.

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In general, the CEO of Facebook defines his version of the metaverse as ” The successor to the mobile Internet “, Type ” The internet materializes where you are, rather than just posting content [dans ce contenu] ». « It’s about feeling present with other people just as if you were in other places. [physiques] (…) The metaverse is not just virtual reality, it runs across all computer platforms: VR, AR, PC, mobile devices and game consoles ”, exposes specialized journalist Casey Newton.

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