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The flu arrived, later than usual, in the Basque Country

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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The flu comes later than usual, but it’s here! The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is suffering from the epidemic, and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region has been affected more than the rest of France. According to the latest data from Public Health France, 13.1% of medical procedures for SOS Doctors (between March 7 and March 13) were related to influenza, compared with 11.7% nationwide. The SOS Médecins Côte basque service is seeing a rise in the number of positive influenza A tests, while the number of Covid-19 antigen tests is declining according to its chief, Dr. Stéphane Sauvagnac, who practices medicine in Anglet. These tests are the only way to accurately distinguish between two diseases whose symptoms are very similar.

“We see about 30 to 40 positive cases of influenza a day, and about ten positive cases of Covid-19”Dr. Sauvagnac explains. “There are very few differences in symptoms. Influenza, we know it causes fever and aches and it comes on all of a sudden: you’re very fine, and two hours later, the symptoms start to come on in a brutal way. These are the first signs of flu. Now the other symptoms are pretty much the same as Covid.”

Next week, or the week after that, we’ll be at the peak, and little by little, it’s going to drop, especially with the temperatures. There is a climatic aspect which means it will go down quickly – Stephane Sauvaniac, President of SOS Médecins Côte Basque

for the doctor, One of the reasons for this sudden rise in cases is a decrease in respect for barrier gestures. “Now we will take off the mask, it is difficult to ask people to wear it again to avoid influenza epidemics. Like the Covid epidemic, moreover, which has also spread a bit. We will reach the peak quickly.”

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