The game is official, first video!

The suspense of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II ended a few minutes ago, with the officialization of the game, which is scheduled for release next fall. The license confirmed that the next episode, Episode 2022, is indeed a sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot that studio Infinity Ward started in 2019, an episode that many have watched through its social networks, as well as its YouTube channel. Welcome both by the specialized press as players. An episode that also allowed Licensing to resume the beautiful colors on the sales side, with over 30 million copies sold, the best performance since 2010 for this saga. This announcement in any case is not too surprising since we have known about the existence of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II for several months already, from numerous rumors, but also through a tweet made by the official Call of Duty account last February. Note, however, the difference in choosing the Roman numerals for the second instead of the Arabic numeral used in the 2009 episode. Until we know more, we have the right to the first video, this is the teaser trailer that reveals the official logo.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

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