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What is the value of diplomacy for Vladimir Putin?

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Regen Laurent cannot understand why Vladimir Putin bombed Kyiv after two weeks without an attack.

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She believes that the presence of Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in Kyiv has something to do with it.

“He does this when the Secretary-General of the United Nations is in Kyiv, and Russia is a permanent member of the United Nations, a member of the Security Council, so what happens?” She wonders.

Reign Laurent admitted that she was confused when she heard the news of the attack.

She could not fully understand the intentions of the Russian president, but according to her impression, he wants to go “all the way”.

“But the problem is that we don’t know where the end is,” says Régine Laurent.

She believes that international diplomacy is of no value to Putin.

“There is nothing to wax about,” she adds.

“Countries that have a border with Russia should be in a disastrous state of fear, because he does not respect even the Secretary-General of the United Nations,” reckons Regent Laurent.

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