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The Great Canadian Darkness | Montreal Magazine

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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One day we will have to stop pretending that Canada is a country of freedom.

Canada has become a laboratory for an unprecedented ideological experiment in which, in the name of “diversity,” censorship, direct and indirect, formal and informal, presumed and hypocritical, has been put in place.

The last episode of this censorship affects the book White Negroes from America – This classic work by Pierre Vallier, central to the history of Quebec thought, the title of which caused a scandal for several years.

We know it, and it suffices to utter the title of this work on television, in the classroom, or anywhere else, that the die-hard fanatics, who pretend to be shocked every time they hear it, rise up at once.

Radio Canada

They resent anyone who dares to utter what they call an ‘n-word’, even if it is in a purely illustrative context, at university or in a public affairs program.

As we know, the CRTC just issued a lunar “verdict,” which rebukes Radio Canada and asks it to apologize for allowing it to be pronounced on air, in the context of a column dedicated to a book by Valier.

CRTC logic?

In our society organized around the cult of diversity, we must keep in mind the taboos that make up every society. who does not row. Whoever blasphemes must be punished.

But who speaks for these self-proclaimed “communities”? Who has the right to say that they were officially mocked, insulted and abused? Who are the translators loyal to the wounds of society?

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Hardliners who lack talent and clamor and who find in the lamentations of victims often find the only way to survive in public. This is the case in this story.

Let’s quote CRTC. It states that “the licensees are responsible for broadcasting programs that at all times comply with the standards set by the company.”

Let’s translate this nonsense.

This amounts to saying that freedom of expression is conditioned by current social norms, and that it will no longer be possible to question the dogmas and discourses that dominate public life.

This gives a huge advantage to those who have the ability to define these criteria in the media.

But let’s be honest: The CRTC is content here to transform the overwhelming social consensus that dominates the Canadian elite into an outright principle.

Canada does not allow discussions about multiculturalism, does not allow discussions about mass immigration, does not allow discussions about affirmative action, and does not allow discussions about systemic racism theory.

Indeed, whoever dares to discuss it is ridiculed.


The evil winds of ideological hatred that claim virtue will automatically rise up against him.

It is clear that Quebec does not respect these stupid rules. Its history is different, its culture is too, but Canada does not accept it.

Because he does not succumb to it, Canadian prejudice toward him is more severe than ever.

Great darkness now. She is no longer from Quebec. She is Canadian.

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