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Investigation coffeeprive It explores, since March 2020, the evolution of behaviors in the general population (barrier gestures, confinement, alcohol and tobacco consumption, diet and physical activity) and mental health (well-being, disorders). Wave No. 34 (May 9-16, 2022) returned its results. The first lesson, that the mental health of the people questioned continued to deteriorate. And although it is stable compared to the last wave of the survey (the period from 8 to 15 April 2022), the level of various indicators remains high. In May 2022, 15% of the French showed signs of a depressive state and 25% of them showed signs of an anxious state,” the survey explains. In addition, “the prevalence of suicidal thoughts has remained at a high level (11%) and has followed a significant upward trend since the first measurement point made in February 2021.” Sleep problems were still very high: 67% of the French said they had experienced them in the past eight days. The authors explain: “Whatever indicator is taken into account, the most difficult population traits are people with difficult financial situations as well as Those who declare a history of mental disorders.

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