Devon Levy is pleased with the success of Kayden Primo

Kayden Primo is still the goalkeeper for the Canadians in the future and has always been since supporting him.

The 2021-2022 season was difficult for the American, especially when he was playing for the big club. But since his last run at Laval, he’s simply brilliant and an exceptional streak.

It’s one of the reasons the rocket works so well.

His close friend Buffalo Sabers and North Eastern Husky goalkeeper Devon Levy is delighted with his success.

During a brief interview with La Presse at the Celebrity Sports Luncheon at the Cummings Jewish Senior Center in Mount Royal, Levy said he was happy for Primo.

Both guards came through Northeastern University during their college careers. Even if their paths never crossed, the fact remains that the two of them spoke to each other multiple times.

Levi admitted that Primo sometimes came to visit the area.

I spoke to him several times before the Junior World Championships. I wanted to ask him for advice. We text each other sometimes. “Devon Levy”

As for Levi, the Keepers know him well. Number one, he’s from here and number two, he was the goalkeeper for Junior Canada a few years ago. Internationally, he’s always done well. He was a 7-round pick for the Panthers for 2020 but was traded to the Sabers in the Sam Reinhart trade.

For Levi, turning professional is not urgent.

There is no Accelerates to become a professional. I wanted to have more time to improve the situation on the ice. And off the ice, I wanted to develop as a person, with my studies. I wanted another year before I started my career. “Devon Levy”

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