The Montreal Troupe demands four more judicial novels | Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

The Montreal squad issued a brief press release Monday noon to indicate that they have requested four more judicial recounts in addition to those already requested by Projet Montréal.

training He has reasonable grounds to believe that errors occurred during the counting of certain polling stations during the municipal elections in the districts of Côtes de Neiges – Notre Dame de Grasse and Rivières de Prairie – Pointe-au-Tremble.

For this reason, the candidates concerned have submitted requests for a judicial recount of the results relating to the town halls in the Côte-de-Niges – Notre Dame de Grasse and Rivière de Prairie – Pointe or Trimble, in addition to the regions of La Pointe or Prairie and Loyola, Ensemble Montreal says.

Both contested seats won by a slim majority on 7 November. He had political parties in Montreal until 5 p.m. Monday to demand a recount of votes in court. These six requests indicate that only 97 of Montreal’s 103 elected members will be sworn in Thursday night at the Palais des Congrès.

Feeling deja vu by Lisa Christensen

In 2017, only one request for judicial recount was submitted. Denis Coderre’s team contested the election of Lisa Christensen, the Montreal Project’s candidate for the position of town councilor for the La Pointe-aux-Prairies region. His victory, by 30 votes, was finally confirmed a few days later.

Ironically, Ms. Christensen is the subject of another recount request this year, this time vying for a city councilman position in the same area. According to the results compiled by the Montreal elections, its majority is only 13 votes.

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As mayor of Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointe-aux-Trembles, it is the re-election of Mayor Caroline Bourgeois that is being challenged by the party of former Denis Coudrey, who announced on Friday his final withdrawal from politics. A majority of 303 votes.

In the Côte de Neiges – Notre Dame de Grasse, former opposition leader Lionel Perez asked the court to consider the last-minute victory of his rival Gracia Kasuke Katahoa. Projet Montréal’s candidate backed out on November 7, but finally turned the tables the next day by 212 votes.

Finally, at Loyola, Despina Sourias’ victory was called into question. In this area, Montreal troupe candidate, Gabriel Rita, hit the dust by 97 votes.

The official count requests from Ensemble Montreal on Monday follow requests made on Thursday by Projet Montreal, Mayor Valerie Plante’s party, regarding the town of Outremont and Tétreaultville County, in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

In Outremont, 23 majority votes would have allowed Laurent Desbois to defeat outgoing mayor Philip Tomlinson, while in Tétreaultville, 42 votes would separate the winner, Julian Hinault-Rattle, from outgoing Chancellor Suzy Meron, who served as mayor of the municipal council upon dissolution.

In addition, at least three other requests for judicial recounts have been filed elsewhere on the island of Montreal.

The outgoing mayor of Pointe Claire, John Belvedere, is notably contested for the victory of his opponent, Tim Thomas, by 61 votes.

Two requests were also made at Mount Royal, where new Mayor Peter Maloof’s team questioned two Union for VMR wins: Sarah Morgan ran in to elect Caroline Decaloy with 24 votes in District 6, while Robert Tannous questioned Sebastian’s victory. Dreyfus by 13 votes in District 7.

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New vote counts are governed by the Law on Respect for Elections and Referendums in Municipalities (LERM). In theory, any elected official can challenge the outcome of an election, no matter how many votes separate him or her from the winner.

Any person who has reasonable grounds to believe that a deputy return officer, ballot clerk or return officer has unlawfully counted or rejected votes, or made an inaccurate statement of the number of votes cast in favor of a candidate, may request a recount., we are writing.

As well, Any person who has reasonable grounds to believe that a returning officer has improperly aggregated votes cast in favor of a candidate may request a recount..

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