The outbreak of onychomycosis in Lake Constance appears to be stabilizing

During a hypothetical update last Thursday, community leader West Hearst, Ramona Sutherland, said the toll was stable, with 31 confirmed cases.

She also indicated that 152 people are under investigation, after they underwent a screening examination.

A lung infection reported in November claimed the lives of at least two people in the community.

The last case was on January 16th, so this is good newsPresident Sutherland said.

In addition, the chef indicated that the source of the infestation has not yet been determined, but that we are in the process of removing the piles of wood that were considered a potential source, Although they all came back negative.

President Sutherland confirmed that this is with tremendous effort With the participation of many partners including Aboriginal Services in Canada.

Ramona Sutherland's photo.

Ramona Sutherland, Constance Lake’s first head of state.

Photo: screenshot

In addition, Ramona Sutherland reports that investigations are continuing in the surrounding lake, as well as on the shores of Lake Constance.

The state of emergency will remain in effect until we no longer suffer from toxoplasmosis in the community. »

Quote from Ramona Sutherland, Constance Lake’s first head of state.

In her update, President Sutherland emphasized protecting people with onychomycosis, which includes efforts to tackle COVID-19.

She noted that as of March 31, there was only one known active case of COVID-19 in Lake Constance.

She noted that mask-wearing is still mandatory at First Nation and that anyone who is not a member must be vaccinated twice to be able to enter the community.

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Chief Sutherland is also encouraging community members to get vaccinated and maintain sanitary measures, noting that both COVID-19 and blastomycosis attack the lungs.

We are in a very unique position that is unmatched anywhere else in Ontario, Canada and North AmericaShe said.

Separately, Leader Sutherland confirmed that there will be construction work for new housing in the community.

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