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Finnish hockey players are Olympic champions for the first time

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In the past, Finland has won four bronze medals and two silver medals at the Olympic Games, but has never found itself on top of the podium.

I think we’ve been doing really well (in Finland), but we’ll gain confidence to get that kind of victory. We are very proud that we were able to represent Finland on the Olympic stagesaid coach Yuka Yalonin.

The champion team didn’t steal it on Sunday. She excelled in all aspects of the game and her perseverance was the difference against the gold medalists at the PyeongChang Games.

Everyone was committed and playing for each other throughout the tournament. Every player was proud to be here and gave their all. This team really deserves to win. »

Quote from Finland coach Jukka Jalonen

The Republic of China began to defend its title quite well. Mikhail Grigorenko found the right moment to capture his first point in the tournament. Goalkeeper Harry Satry was shocked when the 27-year-old striker fired a flick from his wrist in powerful play to make it 1-0 in the first half.

Mikhail Grigorenko scored his first goal in the Olympic tournament in the first period.

Photo: Getty Images / Justin Setterfield

The Finns were entitled to a numerical advantage in turn, without being able to take advantage of it. Goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov predicted most of the 15 shots he faced in the first half. The few chances that could have fooled his vigil the opposing team could not seize.

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The insistence of the Finns

Fedotov surrendered three minutes later in the second half. Finn Phil Boka’s shot first passed between the players’ skates, then the ball continued its way between the ROC goalkeeper pads.

Thus Boca found the back of the net for the first time in Beijing.

The Finns celebrate a goal in the final.

Ville Pokke scored his first goal of the tournament in a draw against the Republic of China.

Photo: Getty Images/Elsa

The Finns repeatedly moved into an attacking area by preventing several purges from the ROC. The title holders were also threatening and captain Vadim Shepachev missed the opportunity to score.

The opponents defended at the end of the second half. No penalty was calculated.

Hannes Bjorninen started the third period with a knife between his teeth. He was solid on the front check and his hard work paid off. Only 29 seconds have passed since the confrontation when Burimenen blocked a shot from Marco Antilla.

For the first time, the title holders turned back and the tide turned. The intensity of the ROC gave a clear impression of a numerical advantage in the following minutes.

Arseni Gritsyuk, Alexander Yelesin and Pavel Karnaukhov are disappointed with Harri Sateri.

However, the Finns regained their potential and remained masters. Goblin possessions dampened the ROC’s enthusiasm and allowed them to protect the bullets.

Less than a minute before the end of this final, Ivan Fedotov sat on the bench to allow the addition of a striker.

Harry Satry made a key save, 16 in total in the match, his teammates saved some shots, and they all raised their arms late in the game in celebration.

Even before Christmas, I wasn’t even thinking about getting a gold medal. We were not sure we would exist and have this opportunity. It’s a whole new feeling for me and the whole team. Feel good! »

Quote from Finn Marco Antilla

Meanwhile, Fedotov fired 29 shots.

To advance to the final, the Republic of China emerged victorious in a stunning semi-final against Sweden, which ended in the eighth round of penalties.

For its part, Finland beat Slovakia in the semi-finals.

Striker Leo Komarov struggled to describe how he felt after receiving his gold medal. signed a contract in KHL In November, in general, this decision will allow him to participate in games in which NHL players did not participate.

Finding myself in this situation today, I definitely think I made the right decision. It’s one of my biggest dreams of winning the Olympics, and it’s hard to describe how I feel right now.

Meanwhile, the Slovakian squad won its first ever Olympic medal on Saturday. Led by young striker Juraj Slavkovsky, they beat Sweden 4-0 to complete the podium.

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