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Thematic working group report

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MONTRAL, and November 2nd. 2021 / CNW Telbec / –Today, after a fair and rigorous consultation process led byurban workshop, The Thematic Working Group publishes a report containing several concrete measures that can enhance the integration of the Multimodal Logistics Platform Project into the industrial fabric of Eastern Montreal..

Since 2016, Ray-Mont Logistiques wanted to rehabilitate this heavily polluted land in order to base its activities there and bring it closer to the port of Montreal and thus reduce its use of the eastern / western routes of the urban area. This move will allow the company Reduce truck mileage by 88% On local roads, in addition to Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 82%1.

However, the company wants its project, which already complies with the zoning and development plan of the City of Montreal, to fit as harmoniously as possible into the urban and industrial fabric of eastern Montreal and is committed to participating in good faith in the consultation process proposed by the City of Montreal.

This process, achieved with the creation of the Thematic Working Group in which Citizens, City, Mercier-Hochelga-Maisonov Borough and Developer participated, saw the collaboration of all stakeholders to improve Ray’s initial project. -Mont Logistics. Faced with the report released today, the company welcomes the working group’s proposals.

Real impact on the project
After dozens of hours of meetings and discussions, this improvement is now realized in courses of action that revolve around four axes.

The report suggests continuing the dialogue through the formation of a monitoring committee that includes all the parties mentioned above. We agree with the group and will move forward.

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The report proposes coexistence measures, in particular the creation of a vgtalis wall screen. Once again, we agree with the group and are going forward.

It is also proposed to create a green buffer zone, between the logistics platform and the Viauville area, notably through discussions with Canadian National, which owns the land between the two. We agree with this proposal and will move forward.

On the topic of measuring potential effects, the working group proposes that Ray-Mont Logistiques collect tailor-made measurements regarding the current noise state and that these measurements be taken into account when preparing coexistence measures. We also agree and we will move forward.

Ray-Mont Logistics teams are currently analyzing how best to improve the project in light of the overall report.

Our sincere and sincere desire is to develop a community-respecting and exemplary project in the co-industrial area desired by the City of Montreal. The Thematic Working Group’s consultation process led to lively and transparent discussions; However, this dialogue was necessary to allow real courses of action to emerge in which every stakeholder in the sector plays a role. We take every opportunity to improve the project, which is why we have decided to now begin to gradually incorporate many of the actions proposed by the working group. And a dclar Charles Raymond, Chairman and CEO of Ray-Mont Logistiques.

A project with real environmental and economic benefits for Montreal
In 2016, Ray-Mont Logistiques acquired the heavily polluted land of a former Canadian steel casting with an ambition to move its operations there, which are currently being carried out in southwest Montreal. Since then, the company has paid for the environmental rehabilitation of the site in order to develop a state-of-the-art multimodal logistics platform.

actually, $35 million has been invested Since the purchase of land, including $15 million earmarked for soil rehabilitation. Ultimately, the project provides for the creation of 200 new, high-quality, well-paid jobsWhich depends on internal and continuous training of employees. The company also intends to implement a local recruitment policy.

By bringing its operations closer to the Port of Montreal, Ray-Mont Logistiques significantly reduces trucking in Montreal and related greenhouse gas emissions. The transfer of its activities has been reduced to Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve alone near One third of all heavy trucks on the street our lady.

A maximum of 35 40 trucks will be in operation per day, and it is likely that half of this fleet will be electrified.

Remember that the Supreme Court, and then the Quebec Court of Appeal, ruled in favor of Ray-Mont Logistiques in its efforts to obtain the building permit, as the project would be properly implemented.

About Ray-Mont Logistics
Ray-Mont Logistiques, North America’s leading provider of integrated container ocean freight solutions, has been operating in Montreal since its founding in 1992. The company operates multimodal transshipment logistics terminals in Montreal, VancouverAnd Prince RobertAnd Seattle And Charleston. With more than 400 employees and more than 100,000 transit containers annually, Ray-Mont is proud to be one of the largest sea container freight forwarders in the world. Canada To enhance the Montreal experience in the four corners of the world.

1Center for Interuniversity Research on Business Networks, Logistics and Transport (CIRRELT), January 2017

Source: Ray-Mont Logistics

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