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cHarlot Le Bon, who made his career in France but owns a home in the Laurentians, will make his series debut in Quebec.

Remember that she is a daughter Brigitte BeckettMelissa Corbel from District 31.

Also from this second season: Steve LaplanteAnd the Emily BeboAnd the Michel LabrerreAnd the Mark St. MartinAnd the Michael AhujaAnd the Annemarie BennettAnd the Gabrielle Cloutier TremblayAnd the Richard Frechette And the Pierre Francois Legendre.

Of course, our four main characters will return, a year later, in the summer of 1975. In this Woman’s Year, Huguet Delile (Marilyn Castongway) is now the new head of Sainte-Foy.

Gaitan (Francois Loutourneau), serge (Patrice Rubitael) and Michelin (Karen Gunther-HindmanThey will want to defend their empire up to Montreal.

For the second season of This is how I love you أحبكeAnd the Jean Francois Rivard Co-directed by Francois Letourneau with Robin Obert.

Also resume their roles Sophie DesmarisAnd the Mane SuleimanloAnd the Jean Francois ProvencalAnd the Matthew JosselinAnd the Rene Richard SirAnd the Patrick DrolletAnd the Sebastian RagotAnd the Jocelyn ZukoAnd the Chantal FontaineAnd the Alexander JewettAnd the Noemi Leduc VodryAnd the Pierre LimogesAnd the Claude Michel BleuAnd the Alexis LefebvreAnd the Michel PeronAnd the Simon RussoAnd the Norman Carrier And the Richardson Zephyr.

Filming begins on June 13 and the series will be available on ICI’s Extra during the 2021-2022 season.

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