The choice that Nick Suzuki made was up to the grassroots planes

As you well know, many tricks were played by the Vegas Golden Knights when they joined the NHL in 2017. They provided a lot of assets to guide the selection of Vegas in the expansion draft.

The Canadian did not play that match and lost only Alexei Emlin, who did not play in Nevada. But on the other side of the spectrum, the leopards were washed out. It’s kind of the ultimate example.

But among the teams that we do not talk about much and who have been cheated, we note the Jets.

Did you know that if the Winnipeg Jets hadn’t moved that day, we would have seen Nick Suzuki dressed as the Jets?

I was going to say he would still be at the center of this series in other uniforms, but in reality, CH probably wouldn’t be in the second round without No. 14 in his ranks.

Here’s how it went in 2017.

In order not to lose Marco Dano or Tobias Enstrom, the planes moved. Winnipeg, who did not make a mistake in their first-round pick, gave Nick Suzuki’s pick to force Vegas to pick Chris Thorburn.

Thorburn has never played in Vegas. He became a free agent a week later and signed with St. Louis.

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Marco Dano was put on waivers just one year later. He quit Winnipeg last fall, but only played for the AHL.

Since the summer of 2018, Enstrom has left Winnipeg and the NHL to go to Europe. He hasn’t played for a year.

Vegas was not a loser in the end because despite the salary issues, the team is happy to have Max Pasurietti playing without pressure on the Knights. Although it cost a Suzuki, yes.

Let this serve as a lesson to the teams in light of the upcoming expansion draft with Seattle: Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t.

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