Three elected members of Team Labeaume leave the ship

With these departures, it brings to nine the number of elected officials who chose not to guarantee Team Labeaume’s continuity in November. Seven of them have since announced the withdrawal of Regis Labom from political life. The latter also assures that there will be no further exit between now and the elections.

Val Bellier County Councilor, Sylvain Legari, was elected for the first time in 12 years. During my first press conference in 2009, I mentioned that I wanted to live and make the big changes in the city with Mr. Labium, in 2021 I am honored to live and made these changes with Mr. Mayor, did he say.

He says he does not intend to run again, but he is not giving up politics. He intends to remain involved, notably in the campaign of the person taking over Mr. Labium, Marie-José Savard.

Genevieve Hamlin arrived at Town Hall at the same time, and chaired the municipal council from 2013 to 2020. I leave my heart filled with a sense of accomplishment She said without saying what to expect.

Jeremy Arnold, elected to Robert Giffard County, will dedicate his last eight years to municipal politics. My biggest regret is not to work with Marie José, but at some point you have to make decisions. […] I want to see what life has in store for me elsewhere.

The Labeaume's fifteen advisers were photographed, nine of whom were written off because they left the ship.view larger image (A new window)

Nine elected officials chose not to guarantee Team Labeaume’s continuity in November.

Photo: Radio Canada

Rebuild a team

The wave of leaving at Équipe Labeaume began in March with Vincent Dufresne deciding to pursue his career in the private sector. Then, the following month, it was Pierre-Luc Lachance’s turn to announce that he wanted to sit as a freelancer before joining the Quebec team Forte et Fiere.

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In May, four experienced elected officials announced that they would not be candidates in the upcoming elections: Remy Norman, Michelle Maureen Doyle, Patrick Foer and Dominic Tangway.

With only five council members remaining, mayoral candidate Marie-José Savard will have to rebuild a team for the election. Instead, she sees it as an opportunity to renew herself. I am fortunate to have five people with experience and to add new ideas and new vision to it.Mrs. Savard said.

Ms. Savard already announced four new candidates at the beginning of the month.

Régis Labeaume has also announced that he intends to leave more room for his maid. We met with Marie José and I, gradually there are topics I will not interfere in to leave Marie José all the space to have her opinion and positions. It is with Link Three and the Laurentia Project.

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