To protect creators, YouTube is ending the “I don’t like” counter

YouTube, on November 10, 2021, deleted a file ” I do not like ” under the videos. The measure, which is being tested during this year, should allow videographers, especially smaller channels, to be protected from harassment campaigns or targeted attacks.

harassment raids It can take many different forms on social networks. On YouTube, a particularly common targeted attack is organizing a wave of ” I do not like “ against a channel or video.

YouTube notes that removing a file ” I do not like “ Small chains protected from hate campaigns

Smaller channels are particularly sensitive to this type of campaign, and can suffer greatly from a largely negative like/dislike ratio giving a poor picture of their creations before any viewing.

Known about this phenomenon for a long time, YouTube has been thinking since 2019 to remove the button ” I do not like “Or, at least, hated counters. During 2021, the social network implemented several beta campaigns. They consisted of temporarily suppressing counters ” I do not like “ on all or part of the videos on the platform.

These tests showed that as part of a targeted attack campaign, the lack of a counter counter dissuaded a large portion of the haters from clicking the button. ” I do not like “.

The end of the counter, but not the button ” I do not like “ !

Therefore, YouTube, to protect videographers, decided to remove a file ” I do not like “ Videos. Measurement Valid since November 10, 2021. However, this does not mean that the button has disappeared ” I do not like “.

Internet users always have the option to indicate that they do not like the content. But only the creators have access to the counter, to be able to rate, among their videos, those that please the most.

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The scale is useful. But it will not, far from that, solve the problems of targeted harassment on YouTube, which can always invade the comment space for example.

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